The LIS5 Solar Stripgrazer is a self-contained solar-powered energiser. It will power a clean fence of up to 3 km. It is equipped with a fully preconditioned 6 Volt, 5.5 Amp/h gel cell battery which matches the 2 Watt solar panel. The unit will operate for up to two weeks without sun.

Features include:

  • OK Green LED light – Flashes with each pulse to show the unit is on and operating correctly
  • Solar panel – rating of 9 volts. 2 watts
  • Joule Rating – 0.12 Output Joules, 0.2 Stored Joules

The LIS5 is ideal for stripgrazing and powering smaller lifestyle properties.

Comes with a 3-year warranty that includes damage caused by lightning provided that lightning diverters are installed.

If you require leads to connect the energiser to the fence and the ground rod or tread-in please let us know. These are available at an extra $ 15.40 incl. GST.

3 year red snapr warranty

$239 gst inc.