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The 4″ SQF centrifugal pump is for low heads and large flow rates. Run-on DC/AC power making them very flexible. The SQFlex system has a wide voltage range, built-in maximum power point tracking (MPPT) as well as dry-running. With Its flexible energy supply and performance, the SQFlex system can be combined and adapted to meet any need on the installation site.

The SQFlex system is a reliable water supply system based on renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind.

Water Production, Peak flow:

  • Supply water to 600 heavy beef cattle in summer
  • Month for sizing: January
  • Total pumping head: 40 meters
  • Avg. water production per day: 26.9 mÑ/day
  • Water volume (max): 33 mÑ/day
  • Max Flow: 4.4 mÑ/h per hour
  • Solar array rated power: 2.22 kW
  • Needs 50mm + pipe size

Included in our Package Deal:

  • On-site installation and assessment
  • 3A 10 Grundfos pump
  • CU 200 pump controller
  • Conduit for power cable
  • Solar panels
  • Ground mounting kit
  • Power cable
  • Fuse box and DC switch
  • Pump 2-year warranty
  • Solar panels 10-year warranty
  • Pipe fittings for connection to main line

Because all farms are different we will most likely do a custom quote designed to your farming needs so prices may vary. Flow rates are an estimate due to water pipes and sun hours.

2 year red snapr warranty