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Equine Fencing

WRGH10 - Rubber Gate Handle

Rubber Gate Handle-WRGH10

Durable and rugged gate handle. Withstands cold weather. Excellent insulation which protects you from electrical shocks. Rugged compression spring keeps tension on fence wire and can't stretch out like extension springs can.


1 gate handle


WPT25WPS - Line Post Poly Tape Insulator

Line Post Poly Tape Insulator-WPT25WPS

This insulator is used on vinyl as well as wood posts with chrome plated screws included. It is suitable for 1/2" to 1 1/2" tape as well as 1/4" poly rope


Bag of 25 


WSC10N - Waratah Poly Tape Cap

Waratah Poly Tape Cap-WSC10N

Fits the top of waratahs and avoids nasty insuries on horses. The cap can accommodate poly tape 1/2" to 1 1/2", 1/4" poly rope and all types of wire


10 caps per bag


WPTGHK1 - Poly Tape Gate Handle Kit

Poly Tape Gate Handle Kit-WPTGHK1

This kit includes:


- 1 gate handle

- 2 universal tensioners

- 1 electrical connector plate

- 4 screws


1 kit per bag